Barn Door Sliding Kit - Wall and Glass Mount

A Barn Door Sliding Kit, whether wall-mounted or glass-mounted, is a hardware system designed to allow the installation and smooth operation of barn doors. It provides a stylish and space-saving solution for dividing rooms or creating unique entryways. Sterling Glass Hardware supplying best quality of Barn Door Sliding Kit in Vancouver Mainland.

  1. Wall-Mounted Kit: A wall-mounted barn door sliding kit is designed to attach to the wall, allowing the door to slide horizontally along the wall's surface. The kit typically includes the following components:
  • Track: A long metal rail or track that is mounted to the wall horizontally. The barn door rollers or hangers glide along this track.

  • Rollers/Hangers: These are attached to the top edge of the barn door and hang from the track. They provide support and allow the door to slide smoothly.

  • Mounting Hardware: Various screws, bolts, and spacers that secure the track to the wall and hold the rollers/hangers in place.

  • Floor Guide: A small guide installed on the floor to keep the bottom of the barn door stable and prevent it from swinging or swaying during operation.

  1. Glass-Mounted Kit: A glass-mounted barn door sliding kit is specifically designed for glass doors or partitions, providing an elegant and modern look. This type of kit typically includes:
  • Track: Similar to the wall-mounted kit, it consists of a rail that is mounted above the glass door/partition. However, the track for glass-mounted kits may have specialized clips or brackets designed to hold the glass securely.

  • Rollers/Hangers: These attach to the top edge of the glass door/partition and glide along the track. Glass-mounted barn door kits often use rollers with rubberized grips or clamps to secure the glass firmly.

  • Mounting Hardware: Specific hardware designed for attaching the track securely to the surface above the glass door/partition.

  • Floor Guide: A floor guide is also included with glass-mounted kits to prevent excessive movement of the door and ensure stability.

Both wall-mounted and glass-mounted barn door sliding kits are available in various styles, finishes, and sizes to accommodate different door weights and dimensions at Sterling Glass Hardware in Surrey BC. It's essential to carefully follow the manufacturer's instructions for installation to ensure proper function and safety.

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